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Our signature bone health system combines the properties of plant-based algae calcium and naturally sourced vitamin D3 for a complete and efficient solution to brittle and damaged bones. OsteOrganiCal Plus consists of highly absorbable organic calcium extracted from algae and natural, clinically-supported ingredients like Vitamins D3 and K2, which enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium into the bones. Backed by science to fortify your bones, this natural system of calcium pills has helped thousands improve their mobility, posture, and overall lifestyle.


How Does Algae Calcium Support Bone Health?

Algae calcium refers to plant-based calcium naturally derived from – you guessed it – algae! As opposed to most calcium supplements that come from rock, calcium taken from algae is much easier for your body to absorb. This is because the marine plant pre-digests the calcium, meaning your body does not have to break it down first before it is absorbed. 

Why Choose Natural Algae Calcium for Bones?

Traditional calcium supplements derived from pulverized rock are already very difficult for the body to process and absorb. As you age and your body’s ability to absorb calcium declines, these types of supplements become even less effective and bio-accessible. 

The pre-digested calcium in OsteOrganiCAL Plus is a unique, highly absorbable form of calcium proven to be unusually assimilated by the human body. Research has discovered that this form of organic plant-based calcium contains perfectly balanced amounts of magnesium and manganese — the very minerals now known by medical science to be crucial to the bio-availability and utilization of calcium in the human body. In other words, this form of calcium is absorbed so efficiently and effectively by our system that high doses of it are not necessary to achieve significant gains in bone mass.

Why the “Plus” in Our New Formula?

Our new OsteOrganiCal Plus calcium pills have been formulated to maximize the effects of algae calcium using 100% natural ingredients. In addition to highly absorbable pre-digested calcium, this enhanced formula contains nutrients that naturally boost the body’s ability to absorb calcium quickly and efficiently. Our new bone builder supplement contains clinically-supported doses of:

Vitamin D3

Bone health vitamins are essential for optimal bone strength and support. Vitamin D3 helps our bone health by enhancing our body’s ability to absorb calcium more efficiently. Even if your daily calcium intake is on the high end of the spectrum, your system will not fully absorb that calcium without enough Vitamin D3.


Vitamin D3 is particularly important for middle-aged adults and seniors since our bodies produce much less vitamin D as we age. As a result of less Vitamin D3, our body absorbs less calcium than it is used to, often leading to bone health problems like loss of bone density. To combat this Vitamin D3 deficiency, most of the best-selling calcium supplements are made with vitamin D to help our bodies take in more calcium. A daily regimen consisting of calcium and Vitamin D3 can help slow down or prevent the onset of bone conditions, including osteoporosis.

Vitamin K2

Like Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 plays a significant role in how the body absorbs calcium. Vitamin K2 interacts with specific proteins in our system to activate their calcium-binding properties. Due to this interaction, daily doses of Vitamin K2 can help users maintain strong, healthy bones. 


In addition to bone health vitamins, our improved algae calcium pills are also rich in naturally-occurring magnesium, a mineral responsible for maintaining strong bones. Studies suggest magnesium may decrease the risk of bone fractures by stimulating the hormone calcitonin, which helps preserve bone density and structure.


Manganese can have a profound impact on bone health. Many studies have shown that taking manganese may help reduce the loss of bone density, especially among older women. Similar studies suggest manganese may not only reduce the risk of bone loss, but it may improve bone mass, as well.  

Who Should Take OsteOrganiCal Plus?

OsteorganiCal Plus is made to strengthen weak bones and slow the progression of bone loss problems. While calcium pills are mostly used by older adults coping with the loss of bone density, our natural algae calcium formula is also recommended for younger adults looking to prevent the early onset of bone health problems.


Bone Health Problems in Women

Our products are particularly useful for women since they are much more likely to develop bone problems like osteoporosis. In fact, about 80% of osteoporosis cases in the United States are women. Furthermore, it is estimated that one in two women, 50 or older, will break a bone because of osteoporosis. This is due to several factors, including women’s tendency to have smaller, thinner bones than men. One major reason, however, is that estrogen–which helps protect bones in women– sharply decreases during menopause. This is why the chances of suffering from bone problems increase as women reach menopause.

Product Facts


Take three (3) capsules daily as a dietary supplement, preferably in between meals. Store tightly closed in a dry place at controlled room temperature of 59-86 ̊F. 


Keep out of the reach of children. 

How Will I Know If OsteOrganiCal Plus Is Working?

At Natural Option USA, we are 100% confident about our bone health products, and we want you to feel the same way. That is why we guarantee that OsteOrganiCAL Plus will increase bone density within 1 year–or you will get your money back.


We recommend getting a DEXA Scan before using our product, so you know what your baseline bone density is today. After taking our products for 12 months, have another DEXA exam done to measure your improvements. If your DEXA scan results do not show any improvements in either your hip or spine, we will refund you up to one year of the cost of using our product. 

Guarantee Exceptions

  • Prescription Drugs – Almost all types of prescription drugs have been shown to increase the loss of bone density. 

  • Bisphosphonate Drugs – Use of drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, and other similar drugs often affect one’s ability to build bone mass for at least 6 months. Therefore, if you have taken bisphosphonate drugs within the last six months, improvements in your results cannot be guaranteed.

  • Early Post-Menopause– Due to hormone shifts, the first three years after the start of menopause usually cause rapid bone density loss.


Even if you fall into one of the above exceptions, our highly absorbable algae calcium pills are still highly recommended as continued use may help reduce the losses, or increase bone density.

DEXA Scan 

Your first DEXA scan (‘baseline’) must be conducted no more than 30 days prior to using our products. The second (follow-up) DEXA scan must be taken no later than 30 days after using OsteOrganiCal Plus. This guarantee can only be validated by showing our product was used during the whole period.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Our 30-day money-back guarantee is our way of making sure our clients are completely satisfied with our products. If you are not 100% satisfied with our OsteOrganiCal Plus formula, visit our Delivery & Returns Page. All returns must be received within 30 days of purchase.

About Natural Option USA


At Natural Option USA, we are continually staying up to date with the latest research made by the most reputable scientific institutions. We use science-backed research to create each of our unique formulas, always prioritizing natural ingredients and customer satisfaction.